18. 11. 2017

13.03. 2015.

The RAILHUC project aims to improve Central Europe's interconnectivity by an intermodal integration of rail hubs at 3 different levels: into the TEN-T system, into regional and local transport rail and non rail systems. The project's first results achieved have been published in newsletters.

20.01. 2015.

The Central European project "RAILHUC - Rail Hub Cities" focuses on connecting the hubs of high-speed rail with their hinterland, with secondary and tertiary hubs. A key to success is to improve cooperation between actors and stakeholders in the public transport sector. This communication and cooperation process was the core of interventions anticipated in the public transport sector in ten European hubs. On basis of bottleneck analyses and clear descriptions of the respective public transport status to achieve, interventions were designed and planned.

05.08. 2014.

The 2nd RAILHUC international conference, named „RAILWAY DEVELOPMENT 2014: Development Options of Railway Transport in Hungary and in the Region", was held in Budapest´s well-known Hotel Gellért on 5th June 2014 under the patronage of the Hungarian RAILHUC project partner, a research company KTI - Institute for Transport Sciences.